I am a happily married wife and mom of 3 beautiful babies. Not sure what I am doing here starting a blog but as I dive deeper into my relationship with Christ, it is something he has been putting on my heart. I am a dreamer, a do-er and the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever meet! Terrible combination, I know. I don’t have any fancy skills outside of trying to just raise my kids to be normal, feeding my family healthy foods, working a little on turning my keg into a 6 pack, pursuing a life with God on my side, being a solid partner to my husband, connecting with local mom’s because I totally get what they’re going through and we’re in this together and teaching a fitness class here and there. I like to cook, I would love to build our little 4 acre lot into self sustaining farm, I cut out GMO’s and buy organic when I can and buy as many hippie items my budget for the week allows. I enjoy reading and learning what is best for me and my family. AND I have the best Grandma in the world!

You can follow me on IG: beeinspiredlife or on FB: fb.com/cevelyns